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A key to brain optimization

Imagine a technology that is evidenced based, with the highest scientific, peer-reviewed rating which can significantly help (80%) conditions such as: Depression/Anxiety, Panic attacks, ADHD OCD, Dementia, Migraines, Fatigue Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Impulse Control, Focus, Eating Disorders and has even proven to increase one’s IQ by 10 points on average.

With this technology, we have seen the most amazing transformations. 

“Wherever the quality of brain function matters, neurofeedback matters. This is the next big thing not only for our healthcare, but for our whole society.”
Siegfried Othmer, PhD


**Dr. D will not take on new brain wellness patients unless they come to the informational talk so every patient can be fully informed on the benefits, protocols, and ways to maximize the benefits of the technology!


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