Chiropractic Care


Gentle Chiropractic care

Dr. DiSiena has been serving in the community for well over 30 years. He has served on many sports teams. He is currently, along with his TPI certified associate, serving as the Endless Summer Female Volleyball Tour team doctor. Dr. DiSiena has multiple awards but the one he is most proud of is the exclusive Distinguished Fellow of the ICA. This is a lifetime achievement award and is adopted only by previous Distinguished Fellows. He served in multiple capacities, both as a State Rep for the ICA as well as on the ICAC. Dr. D finished a post graduated degree in Applied Kinesiology and taught “A/K” while still a student. He continues that technique as part of his chiropractic practice. He utilizes non-force and low force techniques which are comfortable for his patients.


The body comes innately with an ability to heal.

Doctors are at their best when they work with the laws of nature and not against them!