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Living Inflammation Free

Inflammation is the secret metric to all chronic illness. For some time we’ve know that heart disease, stroke, and even cancer are all driven by an inflammatory state.  New research recently surfaced implicating inflammation as the driving force behind bipoloar disorder.  So everything from asthma, allergies, chronic sinusitis, GERD, intestinal issues, chronic fatigue, etc. all have unresolved inflammation as a key element driving those forces.
Just over a year ago, research at Harvard Medical School discovered not only how inflammation begins but how inflammation is resolved.  The challenge in our health care world is that inflammation is present asymptomatically for years before any chronic diseases like cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, etc. will ever manifest themselves.
We know that if there are inflammatory metrics in play, the body is going down a slippery slide. Don’t wait for disease manifestation to start managing and reversing the effects of an inflammatory cascade.

At our LIFe (Living Inflammation Free) Seminar, we will discuss all of the environmental triggers which drive the initiation of the inflammation  and why the body gets stuck in an inflammatory cycle. Inflammation is extremely easy to measure, and because we now understand the biometrics of inflammation, we can now manage it.
Sign up and join us as we will be focusing on what inflammation is and what the most common environmental triggers that drive the inflammatory pathway are. You will walk out of this meeting with a more clear understanding of inflammation, how it starts, how it resolves, and what you can do to help protect you and your family from runaway inflammation.

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