Functional Nutrition and wellness

Dr. DiSiena and his team of two full-time Lifestyle Educators have extensive training in the field of Function Nutrition. We support metabolic issues as it relates to metabolic, gut, digestion, hormonal as well as detoxification pathways with the use of medical foods, dietary changes, and specific targeted supplementation.

We offer unique wellness programs.  As part of our programs, we may order traditional lab testing such as lipids, glycemic response, inflammatory markers and many other indicators of toxicity both inflammatory and hormonal. We also perform many other functional tests from several well known specialty labs. These labs test for a variety of issues including brain neurotransmitter function, gut/digestive function, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and more.


Through these efforts, we have helped people restore their health naturally. Many of  our patients have lost weight and kept it off for years, simply by resolving metabolic dsyfunction. We have also seen many people with issues of fatigue, hormone imbalances, muscle loss, low libido, high blood pressure, and many more improve because we reset the body's ability govern itself as God intended. The body was designed to be well while our role is to get rid of that which inhibits its ability to function in am optimal fashion.


With thorough analysis we can see where the dysfunction is and go after correcting the cause rather than just “treat” the symptoms.