Our patients benefit from a unique 360 approach to maximizing one's health potential and in the prevention of disease. 

Our role in health care is to maximize function! 

Malfunction leads to map-adaptation, which leads to disease and symptoms.

(Notice disease tends to come before symptoms!)

We offer a three point approach to health and disease prevention that is based on on the Neurological Integration, Gut/Hormone function and Brain Function.


Our Mission

After years of practice and applying clinical nutrition, neurofeedback, and chiropractic, with literally 350,000 patient encounters, to optimize human health and performance, Dr. DiSiena discovered that there were three commonalities to almost all dis -ease.

Inflammation, Cortisol, and Toxicity

As a result of our unhealthy lifestyles, more and more of us are suffering from the effects of this Triad of Dysfunction.

Dr. DiSiena, along with two of the best Certified Lifestyle Educators, Autumn Hargrove and Alex DiSiena-Harbin, apply personalized corrective changes as well as targeted specialized nutraceutical support to reverse the dis-ease.

Over the years we have seen seemingly miraculous transformations for literally restoring Life as it once was.

If you are ready to be transformed, or maybe better said, restored, then we can help!


The tragedy of Life is not Death, but what Dies inside of us while still Living.
— -Dr. Siegel, MD